MAYTEVAL Suelas Prefabricadas

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The Company

Mayteval is a factory that makes all kinds of shoe soles and, since our establishment, early eighties, has had the orientation to the client as a principal competitive advantage.

Our main objective is to make personal our client’s products in accordance with their specific necessities. Therefore, the high disposition of the human team that compound Mayteval requires a huge effort, the implication that must be dealt out into all our productive aspects at the factory and, mainly, in the difficult process of including our daily formation with the incorporation of the latest new technologies in our productive process.

Ladies and Gentlemen shoes are made by us, working with all kind of materials and components like leather, rubber, cuerolite, crepe, E.V.A., T.P.U…

MAYTEVAL Ctra. Elche-Asprillas, Km. 3,7 * Tlf. 96 545 21 23 * Fax 965 450 085 * 03292 ELCHE (Alicante) -España-